I found my answer in Jesus Christ after 42 years of searching!   Having tried smoking, drinking, drugs, night clubs, pubs, money, church, relationships, sex, work, friends and many other things, I found nothing had a lasting effect, nothing filled that empty space, nothing satisfied.   Each pleasure came and went, often with unpleasant side effects.

Then I was challenged on the street, outside the Co-Op Supermarket, in Lower Addiscombe, Croydon, Surrey, UK.   I was asked about my beliefs in life by a young married couple.   I was walking along using crutches, while recovering from a spinal operation, so I couldn't run away!   I heard and felt God calling me to Him as this young couple told me about Jesus Christ.   How embarrassing, on the street, in the middle of the pavement, with lots of people all around!

They asked me if I would like to accept Jesus Christ as my Saviour?   I was more than ready, I was overcooked and burnt with the troubles of life.   I said yes and they prayed with me, so gentle, so loving, so kind, so calm and Jesus touched me!   Jesus filled that empty space right away.   How could He do that?   How unbelievable.   How true.   I was different from then on.   I felt clean, forgiven, strengthened and with a purpose for living at last!   And you too can experience the love and compassion of Jesus direct from Him.   He is always available for you.




These are some of my personal notes of what Jesus means to me.   I carry a notebook with me most of the time and I write things that speak to me and that are important to me.   These are moments of my life giving some of my experiences of my Saviour, Lord & King, Jesus Christ (Yeshua).   I pray that my notes will help you understand who Jesus is and challenge you to deepen your relationship with Him:

"I found that if you believe in nothing, nothing can help you and if you believe in God, God can help you."

"God is definitely in control but it depends whether we let Him into our life to experience His fullness and fulfilment."

"Seek Jesus as He gives wisdom for life and The Holy Spirit He sends is the oil that smoothes the wheels of life for a great future."

"Yes, I admit I am a sinner, but have accepted Jesus as my Saviour and The Holy Spirit has brought God's glory into me."

"Jesus is all the answers for my needs, yesterday, today and forever."


"When you are at the end of your energy, rest in God, walk and work with Him and leave exhaustion and naff tiredness behind."

"Do you know God or do you just know about God?   He sent His Son Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life to lead you to Him."

"We are supposed to work but not 'for a living' as the blessing of The Lord God makes you rich, not your job."

"I've found that prayer is not a special occasion; it's a way of life.   God loves to chat at any time when things are good or bad."

"Prayer is a chat with God, no special format; it's just that, a chat, stat!   He's ready 'at the drop of a hat' to chitchat with you."

"A good prodding question; have you prayed today?   A prod to pray; a prod to pray today!   I must do more."

"The tenderness of Jesus touches and tickles deep inside your heart and pumps power, passion and purpose into your life."

"Try one, get two free! The Holy Trinity; Almighty God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit, your life supercharged."

"Over the last year or so I have found Jesus to be such a close friend more than I have ever known before, thank you so very much."

"Draw night to God.   I have found that when I sigh God is always nigh.   We're like children, sometimes I draw and sometimes He draws."

"Be bold, go behind the curtains of unbelief and examine God's claims and promises and you will be absolutely astounded."

"God is not a 'barely get by' God!   Accessing Him through His Son Jesus allows you to experience a wonderful 'over the top' God."

"I was astonished when I realise Jesus was our sin bearer, our representative and died for the whole world and rose again in victory."

"Do you know how much Jesus loves you?   I found Jesus drew me to Him and I ignored Him.   He didn't drag me.   He waited until I came!"

"When I asked Jesus to forgive me and come into my heart, He did!   Who would have thought He was real, unbelievable but true."

"In this world of daily turmoil, Jesus is always piecing me together with His peace and I highly recommend Him."

"When you live your daily life with Jesus, you get the story and He gets the glory."

"Life alone is like a bitch of a witch in a ditch; while life in Jesus is rich without a hitch right onto the pitch in your nitch."

"While some people worry about will 2012 be like in the film, the peace of God floods those who have complete trust in Jesus."

"When you can't see what God could possibly do to help you, He has thousands of answers if only you would ask Him."

"I have found Jesus to be funny, friendly, fair and fully-focused; I can talk with Him at any time, all lines are always open."

"I know and love Jesus, my Saviour.   His love lifted me up and now I live on the level, thank you Jesus."

"I've found that 'quantum physics' and 'the universe' are like the magical mystery tour and I prefer the solid foundation of Jesus."

"God answers prayer, so I dare you to pray!   A dream is a good start but who knows where God will take you if you ask Him?"

"When you honour God, He crosses over ahead of you and makes your crooked paths straight."

"When you walk down the street, people recognise your shape/clothes and say 'there you go' but you are not your body you only live there."

"If you go up the street in your car, people recognise your car and say 'there you go' but you are not your car!"

"Man is a spirit who lives in a body.   Death is an enemy, especially spiritual death, so avoid it if you can! and you can in Jesus."

"God is not mad at you, He is just madly in love with you and sent His Son Jesus to show you the way to Him."

"You don't have to work up a lather to wash your sin and guilt away, just ask Jesus and He'll do it for you, He's already paid for it."

"There are two exit doors to life so make sure you know where the right one is, as you never know when you'll be on your way out."

"You can't guarantee your next breath but you can guarantee your future life through Jesus, your choice, ask Him."

"Though you are 'dead in sin' you can easily have everlasting life through Jesus, if you ask Him, He is always available."

"However sad, however bad you've been - that can be the end of the matter through Jesus, call on His Name."



"I feel tired and rough right now, yet my Jesus is alive and well.   He makes me refreshed and rested, changing my state to swell."

"I will praise and thank you Jesus all my days, for you are my retainer and my sustainer, my everyday God."

"If you're trapped in religion, break out into a living relationship with The Living God, life is so much more enjoyable."

"Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and you will be saved, how easy is that?"

"After feeling unworthy and unhappy for years, I discovered God calls you, as you are, to grow in Him so you don't stay as you are!"

"I have found that Jesus is more relevant today than ever before."

"Jesus paid the price; He paid the full price so there is nothing more to pay, nothing outstanding as He knew we couldn't afford it."

"I was looking up, now things are looking up and I'm going up; functioning in the place, power, presence and purpose of God!"

"I'm on my way up, I'm getting there and I'm scared of heights but I'm all strapped in with Jesus, my comfort and my protection."

"I was lost and Jesus found me.   My life was dead and Jesus made me alive.   I was down and Jesus got me up.   I was empty and Jesus filled me."

"Jesus lived, died and rose again for you, no matter what you have done in the past.   He forgives, cleanses and can lift you up."

"Remember The Indestructible Word of God cannot be destroyed, nobody can reverse or stop its impact, it will achieve its purpose."

"When people and politics crucify and bury The Word of God, resurrect it and keep it alive in your life."

"When you live in your own strength you will only get so far; when you live in God's strength He will help you get all the way."

"The Lord is always here, ready and waiting; it's us who may be absent mentally, emotionally or spiritually so stir yourself up."

"God is omnipresent, present everywhere so just notice Him, be sensitive to Him and worship Him, He's easy to find."

"I used to hide my sin, but I found that when I confess my sin to Jesus, He forgives and forgets and grants me a new start!"

"A shower cleans the outside and The Word of God cleans the inside - make sure you spring clean everything."

"Before you leave home check and adjust your physical appearance in the mirror and check and adjust your heart in The Word of God."

"When you're thinking or feeling below average call on Jesus for assistance as He will lift you and help you become above average."


"I found out that satan hates me and that God loves me so the choice was easy.   I was drawn to God through His Son Jesus."

"Just a reminder when you're down that God is not put off by your mistakes, His love is so strong and He is ready when you are."

"However religious you are, however many things you do right, you cannot earn your salvation, God only considers your heart."

There's a war going on between the kingdom of darkness and The Kingdom of Light and the latter wins - which Kingdom are you in?"

"In religion people are trying to please man as well as God; in relationship with God people are trying to please God alone."

"When you've got that sinking feeling in the swamp of life take hold of The Word of God to raise you back up again!"

"Hope is a mixture of desire and expectation for the future.   Faith in The Word of God brings hope from the future back into your now."

"Faith is having confidence in what The Word of God says.   The supernatural force of The Word of God can do the impossible."

"I've just been using net whitener to brighten my curtains which reminds me of the shed Blood of Jesus making me white as snow."

"I was LOST and Jesus found me.   He was always looking and made a way for me to be forgiven and restored my life, beyond belief but real."

"I tried to end my life when I was desperate and had no hope but Jesus saved me and I didn't even know Him! - how great is that?"

"I found I cannot earn my way to Heaven by any means at all because Eternal Life is a free gift from God through Jesus His Son."

"Even when I did not believe in Jesus or myself, I realised that Jesus believed in me and offered me a future through Him."

"When I was weak and hungry I found Jesus to be The Bread of Life, who sustains me through all situations and circumstances."

"Life is worth exactly the value you put on it; I find it priceless.   It is so good to be alive and experience the love of Jesus."

"I noticed that fasting is when I am hungrier for God than I am for food."

"The most beautiful place to be is in the supernatural rest of God, with His peace that passes all understanding."

"I spent my life looking and longing for the love of God and then I found Jesus who introduced me to His Father."


"I have found that when I spend time alone with God, He introduces me to the real me, with is a pleasant shock!"

"I've just started 'spring cleaning' my house and realised that is what God is doing soon in His earth and using more than bleach!"

"I've realised not to live my life as if this is my only existence because I need to be ready for the Eternal Life which approaches."

"I found in religion I had to 'work my way to God' so I gave it up but when I met Jesus I found He was the real and easy way to God."

"Jesus is the rock on which I stand, unshakable and unmovable, irrespective of my circumstances."

"Jesus is my source and I am plugged into Him.   I am kept by His power which is unfading, testable, provable and repeatable."

"When I accepted Jesus as my Saviour, I found I was 'born again'; new, not recycled! I had nothing and Jesus gave me everything!"

"The Bible says it; I believe it, which settles it!   Jesus rose from the dead and lives for evermore."

"I remember my freedom, now and forever, Jesus purchased for me, the power of His death and resurrection, which He made easily available to all."

"Jesus turned my life around when nothing else could move me."

"I have tried drink, drugs, sex, parties and power and found no satisfaction until I met Jesus and accepted Him in my life!"

"I have found that time is a gateway and everything God does is perfect timing so I am learning to gel with Him."

"Learn to be satisfied from not knowing it all, use your faith in yourself, in others, in your God and press on to be the person you long to be."

"Dear Jesus, I am sorry for all my wrongs, thank you for dying and living for me, please come into my heart today and live in me now."

"I have realised that on the cross Jesus took it all, He took my place, He paid the price, He won my victory and He bought my freedom."

"I know you and trust you Jesus, but that I might KNOW you and the power of your resurrection."

"There are many dead gods in our lives and I have found that Jesus Christ has risen from the dead and is available to all who ask."

"Hey, I need to pray, I need to say, to Jesus my Saviour, I love you, you are tremendous, you are superb, I need you, I love you."

"Religion can seriously hold you back.   I have found Jesus to always meet me where I'm at, as He knows me so well, better than I do myself."

"Worship is just loving, knowing, feeling, touching, intimate; no special formula, just being you connecting with Jesus just being Him."

Resign from ourselves, assign / confine / align ourselves to Jesus and it will be fine to shine as a lifeline for others to recline / refine in Him."

"It's amazing that Jesus lovingly gave up everything for us and yet we struggle to give even a little of ourselves to Him."

"It's tragic to believe in magic and unnatural to believe in the supernatural yet Jesus is always one step ahead and full of surprises."

"I have found that the love of Jesus reaches tenderly where nothing else can go, it breaches all my barriers from head to toe."

"Are you just cracking up at the edges or do your cracks go all the way through!   Jesus has all the answers so ask Him."

"Praying to Jesus is 'just saying, 'just sighing', sometimes 'just whying' and what now Lord and listening - Jesus understands."


"Without Jesus I would still be in the garage tinkering with my engine and now with Him I'm out on the open road."

"I keep giving up hope and Jesus keeps giving me more hope, so instead of hopeless, I'm hopemore!"

"The greatest thing with Jesus is I can contact Him anywhere at any time; He's never engaged or busy, always ready to talk."

"Some prayer - some power; more prayer - more power; much prayer - much power; pray to Jesus today."

"If you partner with God and do what you can do, God will do what you can't do."

No traditions, religious practices or righteous works can earn you salvation - it is a free gift to everyone who accepts Jesus."

"God knows that at times we are outnumbered but remember He goes with us."

"The Word of God offers you the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ - what will you do with it?"

"With the two emotions of sadness and celebration pulling in different directions God turns them into a hammock of rest and peace in Him."

"After bad things, some people say "where was God in all of this?"   A reply might be "God was where you put Him, out of it all!"

"Jesus is my source, my salvation, my security, my success."

"Jesus, wonderful Saviour of mine, I need you all the time."

"God forgives, so confess your mistakes and wrongs because this will free you from shame, embarrassment and keep your heart clean."

"Did you know nothing is hidden from God, so mind what you are thinking, saying and doing?"

"If you like gifts, call on Jesus as He has lots of gifts to give away; His generosity is beyond measure."

"If you do not know Jesus Christ, get in touch with Him before it is too late, He is waiting for your call."

"If your sink of life is blocked with fear, you need the plunger force of faith to unblock it."

"Always live your life with your end in mind!   Where you are going to end up is much more important than where you came from."

"As you live your life, don't detach yourself from your spiritual content because human beings are firstly spiritual beings."

"Read Bible, gain wisdom, achieves success."

"Sinner, Jesus, saved, forgiven, cleansed, transformed."

"Father, Son, Spirit - three in one; body, soul, spirit - three in one."

"Jesus returns; believers raptured; others - left behind!"

"Heard Gospel, accepted Jesus, Life Eternal."

"No Jesus, no hope.   No Jesus, no meaning.   No Jesus, no forgiveness.   No Jesus, no salvation.   No Jesus, no future."

"The Word of God is living, powerful, penetrating, piercing, discerning, invigorating, reviving, forgiving, cleansing and enlarging."


"Religion conforms you but relationship transforms you.   Your relationship with Jesus, the Living Son of God, transforms everything."

"Man's word changes, but the Word of God remains forever!   There is power in the Word of God; I need The Word inside me."

"satan is a brute in pursuit, so be astute, compute and don't follow suite, change your route and send him down the chute."

"Revelation is a fearful or fascinating book depending which side of the fence you are on.   Meeting Yahweh will be a dream come true."

"The same place where situations and / or people can put you down, God will pull you up.   Just ask, in Jesus' Name."

"Where ever you are trapped or hiding, the glorious forgiveness and love of God can reach you.   You only have to call out to Jesus."

"However much you hate God, His love is so much stronger towards you."

"Jesus makes you joyful and when your joy is full it is on display and everywhere you go you should brighten people's day."

"Don't let religion or human judgements destroy your life, call on the Name of Jesus and be saved."

"No matter who you are or how you've messed up, you can still call on the Name of Jesus and be saved."

"Secure future, Jesus has the key."

"When I pray in Jesus' Name, I open the door for God to do His work!"

"Connection with the right people is good and connection with The Living God Almighty is imperative."

"Never shut a door completely to God; shut the door gently as you may need to open it again."

"Exercise yourself in every way; spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and socially to have all round fitness for real LIFE."

"I am a citizen of The Kingdom of God.   Where are you from and where are you going to?"

"Prayer and fasting sharpens your discernment to operate authoritively in Jesus' Name in the spiritual realm."

"The spirit of antichrist denies the relationship between Almighty God and Jesus His Son but I have found that intimacy undeniable."

"Intellectual intelligence is important and spiritual intelligence is vital for the best progress and outcome of all that you do."

"The Bible exposes us for who we really are, giving us the option to improve for the better."

"Sin will keep you from The Bible and The Bible will keep you from sin!"

"If you're down on The Bible, it may be because you're not up on The Bible!"

"Your passport to The Kingdom of God is that your name is written in The Lamb's Book of Life.   Where is your name?"

"Jesus came to preach, not a religion, but to preach The Good News of The Kingdom of God.   Have you become a citizen?"

Prayer is getting me ready to do God's will.   It should be my first choice rather than my last chance and the basis of my actions."

"It's natural to read The Bible which is God's supernatural book.   The Bible reads you while you read it!"

"A challenge: The Word of God - how often do you read it?   Do you believe it?   Do you obey it?   Do you speak it?   Do you live by it?"

"FAITH and FEAR - fear will always say come on now you know that's not possible and faith will reply all things are possible.   Live in faith."

"God is not limited by the laws of nature, medicine or science.   When you partner with God miracles always happen."

 "Worlds apart; either you're in God or you're out!   You cannot love the things of this world and the things of God."

"God is calling you, calling your name.   Are you listening?   Are you answering?   Are you ready?   Are you responding?"

"I just mention as a reminder that the things of God do not expire so accept Him when you can and do not miss your closing date."

"If you have difficulty surrendering all to Jesus, just give Him one thing, the one thing that means the most to you!"

"I am very happy to testify of the wonderful and glorious love of Jesus that he so freely gives to everyone, just for the asking."

"If you're troubled by the problems of the world, you're fleshtrated; give your spirit a chance and call on the Lord Jesus Christ."

"I am able to boast of the great love of the Lord Jesus Christ as I have never experienced anything like it in the world."

"I've had to realise that knowing about Jesus is not enough, I have to believe in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour to be saved."

I used to choose magic and fantasy and now I've found majesty and reality in Jesus.   He is all I need now and forever."

"Praise God for His greatness, goodness; for getting you where you are; for giving you what you have; so you can help thousands of others!"


"You might have a long way to go, but glance behind and see how far God has brought you.   Thank Him for that and keep moving on."

"If you have God, you have got more than it takes + God so you cannot fail or fall and you will finish the race and win the prize!"

"I enjoy praising God for His excellent greatness.   There is no one like Him.   He forgives, saves, heals, delivers and satisfies."

"Write it down and make it happen! Pray, prepare, proclaim, pursue, progress and persist until you achieve."

"There is nothing I can do to make God love me any more than He already does as He loves me unconditionally through His Son Jesus."

"I've realised that I can connect with God through His Son Jesus at anytime, anywhere, anyhow, as His love is pure and full."

"I found, astonishingly, everybody qualifies for help from Jesus.   All you have to do is seek Him and ask Him as He cares for you."

"God walks with me, talks with me, leads me, open doors for me.   He picked me up from the pit and put me on His strong foundation."

"I am so thankful to God because He brought me out from situations that could have, would have, and should have destroyed me."

"Our circumstances will not stop what God has put in us from coming out."

"I'm blessed and highly flavoured!"

"Don't get stuck in your past mistakes, use some Holy Spirit oil to free yourself."

"God says to you and me that we are just right for Him and His plans for us are only for good."

"I am valuable because of who my owner is."

"You are a masterpiece made by God, one of a kind, not off a production line so understand and live your real value."

God doesn't want to just visit you, He wants to live with you and in you."

"What I say does matter and when I say move in Jesus' Name, things move and change for the better - Jesus The Name above all names."

"It's because of whose I am that makes me who I am!   Thank you Jesus for your excellence."

"The only things you produce in a dark room are negatives, so keep in the light of God."

"I am amazed that only Jesus reaches all those deep personal parts and places that no one else can."

"I don't know it all but I do know that Jesus forgives, saves, heals, delivers and seals a successful future.   That's exciting."

"I have found that Jesus alone dispels all doom, gloom and fear and clears the way for a full and successful life."

"I need to get serious with God, He seriously sent His Son Jesus to die for my sins, conquer death, rise again and give me life."

"Remember the Spirit of God is within you and your pay day is coming so serve The Lord with all your might."

"If you're in over your head then it doesn't matter how deep the water is!   God is available to lift you out, ask Him."

"If you feel locked out or defeated; remember Jesus is the one who holds the keys.   All you have to do is call on His Name and He will answer."

"I don't ever want to get over being amazed at what God can do and does do for us.   He is so beautiful and personal."

"I've realised that Jesus Christ paid a high price for our freedom and I recommend that you don't miss out."

"I need to bring your attention to my Saviour Jesus Christ.   If He did for you what He did for me, you just wouldn't believe it!"

"The church is a building, the church is an organisation and The Church of God is a living, growing, moving organism in The Kingdom of God."

"Today's expression is 'let The Word do the work' - speak The Living Word of God in faith, it will change your life."

"I was pleased to find that God can work in anyone's life and the more unworthy and unqualified I feel the easier He can work."

"I noticed that connecting with the Holy Spirit helps you to do the work of God more effectively in building His Kingdom."

"I was surprised that God is too much, three much, four much, five much! - He always over delivers, He is more than enough."

"I discovered that when you except Jesus as your Saviour, God gives you an initial deposit of His Spirit which He then adds to as you seek Him."

"I know the Holy Spirit of Almighty God is not limited by time and space like us and can reach everyone in the world, even me."

"I have found that nothing can stop the work of the Holy Spirit because Almighty God is working out His purpose, not ours."

"Jesus brought me real freedom as I am not bothered by my problems anymore because He has all the answers."

"Jesus brought good into my life although I did not deserve it.   He alone made me worthy; I could not earn His goodness."

"I know that Jesus makes wrong things right, He changes the bad into good, He brings justice into my life and He is faithful."

"I've found that God, by His mercy, has dealt with everything negative and, by His grace, He has dealt with everything positive."


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