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"My name is Neville Southgate and I have moved from the NHS after a fantastic and exciting 40 years of Nursing as a Staff Nurse, Charge Nurse, Senior Nurse, Assistant Director of Nursing, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Lead Nurse and Trauma Co-ordinator in the NHS.   I have also enjoyed time in Management as Acting Hospital Manager, Acting Operational Manager and Assistant Chief Nurse (Service & Capital Planning).   My main NHS qualifications are RGN, ONC, ENB 998, Cert HMS, Trauma Nursing.   I've greatly enjoyed the NHS (not every day!) and would recommend Nursing & Midwifery as excellent careers.


The closer I am to the client/customer, the more I love my work.   The more I can improve client/customer care, the more fulfilment I receive.   I grew to love helping and encouraging other Nurses, Midwives and other healthcare staff to aim high for themselves and their patients and I am in a position to do much more of that through NurseNev's Workshops and Coaching.

I work as an ICAN Coach (International Coaching Achievers Network), Master NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist and work independently as a LEADERSHIP COACH, MENTOR, PUBLIC SPEAKER and AUTHOR, based in the London area but available to work across the UK and internationally.

There are three aspects to my performance coaching:

1.]  My first aspect is inspiration and motivation from the angle that I believe you have all the resources you need within you.   I help to draw those out so you know more of who you are, and can move more easily from where you are to where you want to be.   I don't try to direct you as I want you to be fulfilled in your life - your personal life, your family life, your working life, your whole life.

2.]  My second aspect is to Nurses, Midwives, Students or Trained, (and other clinical health care staff) for the same as above but I draw from from 40yrs of NHS nursing & managerial experience and help you to look at more options / solutions to work situations.   I can help with the detail of nursing care but I prefer to ask questions to make you think and come up with the answers from your own experience and knowledge.   I may give direction during our discussions but I am really seeking your answers for you, not my answers for you.

3.]  My third aspect can be linked with either of the above or separately and that is as a 'born again' Christian to help you achieve your spiritual fulfilment in your life amongst all the other aspects of life.


To discuss your needs for Coaching and Mentoring please e-mail Neville at neville.southgate@gmail.com in the first instance, giving me your mobile or telephone number, thank you.


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